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Private Yoga based on Alexander Technique

  /  Private Yoga based on Alexander Technique

Yoga and Alexander Technique (A.T.)

  • Greater kineasthetic awareness
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Reducing pain
  • Gaining flexibility and strength with safety
  • Cultivating Mindfulness

Both practices deal with lengthening and opening of the body by using the principle “to let go”. By applying A.T. in yoga practice one is able to learn how to protect its body to prevent injuries and feel safer. The body openness we usually feel after a yoga session, it is gone soon after, as we are losing the lengthening and widening, we acquired during our practice and the body returns to its habitual patterns.

Combining yoga practice with Alexander technique we work on two scales.

The first one is to empower in a safe way the body, by making it stronger and more flexible. The second one is to connect body and mind, to perform any asana as a unity. During this course, a student is provided with tools in order to recognize its personal patterns, to re-educate its body by changing any harmful habits, to get rid of any extra tension and, most importantly, to understand the set of the Alexander Technique principles that can use alone, without the presence of the teacher.

The combination of these two practices provides to the individual a faster progression in acquiring a natural flow in movement and breathing. Also, the practice reflects harmony, as you get to know new elements which can be used to regain the lengthening and the widening of the body when it is needed. The yoga courses, can be offered individually as well as in groups, both online and offline.