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How many lessons a student needs?

The number of lessons needed differs for each individual. However, in order to understand the physical and mental implementation of the Alexander Technique principles, a minimum number of 10 individual lessons is recommended.

Which are the Alexander Technique Principles?

Primary control: is the main principle of the Alexander technique and refers to the Head-Neck-Back relationship as the natural mechanism for the body balance support. Alexander claimed that through the primary control, an upright stance will be effortless, and the movement will be fluid. The principle is that the head is leading, and the spine is following.

Directions:  It is a mental process, where the body and the mind functions as a unity. We direct our mind towards alternative mental paths. By following mentally, a set of directions (up/down/left/right/forwards/backwards) the body follows automatically. The interesting part is that even by staying still, movement is taking place. Even if this movement is not visible, the whole body moves efficiently with the forces of space. Simply by thinking the directions of the body in space, is enough for the body to respond. By following this practice, it is proved how powerful our mind is and how strong is the misinterpretation that mind and body are two different unities.

Reflection/inhibition:  we learn how to pause, to reflect, to renew and then to move on.  This way we get the chance to stop our automatic actions and behaviors, be aware of the stimulus in order to choose a better response.

To let gο: To achieve calmness, we access the nervous system, calming it down in order to let go of the tension and to allow the muscle-kinetic system to be self- organized. Otherwise, if we cannot let go of the accumulated tension, we may create an artificial posture and a hollow back spine.

Use of the self:  By applying the term “use” we mean the coordination of muscles, the kinetic ability and thought. By recognizing our own habits and patterns, we are ready to replace them with more beneficial ones. We should ask, in which manner do we use ourselves when we are engaged in any activity. What does it mean “I am present with my whole body” while we are moving, resting, breathing, working, sitting on the pc, playing an instrument, or being in a stressful situation.

Who can benefit from Alexander Technique?

All individuals who:

  • want to improve their quality of life
  • want to let go of excess tension (in the jaws, in the shoulders, neck, etc.)
  • experience pain in different body parts (back, hips, headaches, etc.)
  • deal with stress, anxiety
  • have suffered an accident and want to feel safe again in any kind of activity
  • want to prevent an injury
  • work long hours in front of the computer
  • give public presentations or performing in front of the audience
  • work with their body and voice (actors, singers, dancers, athletes, yoga instructors etc.)