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General Information for A.T

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During an Alexander Technique lessons, which can be offered individually as well as in groups, both online and offline, the Alexander Technique principles are implemented in basic daily activities, such as standing, sitting, walking or laying, climbing up and down the stairs, lifting an object, etc. When students get familiar with the general principles of the Technique, the work can then be extended in specific movements or body postures relevant to the student’s special interests e.g. playing an instrument, working on the computer, doing sports, practicing yoga etc..

Whatever your choice may be (individual, group, online) after a series of lessons you will have a wider understanding of the Alexander technique principles and you will be able to apply them in your everyday life.

Individual lessons:

During individual lessons the Alexander Technique teacher guides verbally and uses subtle, gentle touch with its hands. The work is based on the student’s individual body, needs, habits, patterns and interests.

Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

Group lessons:

During group lessons, we perform activities which include collective awareness and individual process. Through self-observation and by observing others you cultivate a wider conception for patterns of human movement and posture, becoming aware that we share, more or less, the same questions and follow the same patterns. Still, Alexander Technique remains a personal journey.

Online individual or group lessons (Zoom, Skype)

During online lessons – both individual or group – and due to the absence of the physical contact, a different approach is being followed. The lesson includes verbal guidance and insights to functional anatomy, through which the teacher reflects as a mirror while a higher engagement is required from the student’s side during the process of self-observation.

Each online lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

For booking course and for more information please contact us.

Alexander Technique and creativity for children

From the very young age of 6, children are forced to sit for several hours in chairs. They are also spending a lot of hours in front of the screen. From that moment on, they develop their own physical habits. The Alexander Technique in conjunction with Creativity helps them to prevent, recognize and improve their kinetic patterns Through fantasy exercises, clay, and painting. The lessons are enjoyable, while we are covering a range of everyday activities such as: sitting on a chair, writing, using Laptop, reading, painting/drawing, dancing, walking, relaxing, and so on.


– Prevent harmful habits
– Develop coordination and balance
– Increase awareness in daily activities
– Gain better quality of attention
– Cultivate self-confidence

– Maintain good posture

– Enhancement of imagination
– Improve the ability to express themselves through several forms of arts