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The price human beings pay for evolving from creatures who move on four limbs to those that stand up on their two feet, is chronic pain in the lower or upper back.

The root of this problem is found at the tendency to follow the force of gravity and bend down. By habit, we place our head off-axis and our torso collapses. Whenever the head is off-axis, the muscles and vertebrae are pressed and must exert much effort to hold the weight of our body. The daily repetition of inconsistent kinetic patterns leads to the collapse of the torso and the accumulation of our body weight at our lower back. The compression of our vertebrae is the outcome of this human tendency, causing chronic injuries.

With the implementation of Alexander technique, we work with opposite forces: such as gravity/antigravity. Our target is to lengthen our vertebral column, so that every part of the body is in alignment. By lengthening and widening the body, we reduce the compression of our vertebrae and therefore the pain, regaining our lightness, ease in movement and in breathing.


By learning to apply the Alexander Technique principles in your everyday life, it allows us to:

  • improve our posture and movement
  • reduce pain and tension
  • prevent injuries caused by harmful habits
  • regain lightness
  • be present and stay focused
  • find our balance
  • cultivate body awareness

Alexander Technique is the method which was developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander at the beginnings of the 20th century. His method aims to replace harmful habits, kinetic patterns and behaviors with more beneficial ones, that would offer significant improvement to our posture and the general use of our self.

It was his belief, that as a result of false habits concerning our body use, we perceive a deluded image of our own body that could lead to a variety of physical injuries. A significant personal experience drove him to that conclusion. While working as a Shakespearean actor, his vocal cords were damaged, so he was forced to abandon theater for a while. After experimenting with several therapeutical methods without success, he dedicated himself in observing and understanding his own body function. Through self-observation he developed a technique that coordinates the muscle – skeletal system, allows natural breathing, improves vocalization, encourages the sense of kinesthesia as well as the time-space awareness.

At the courses of this Technique, we regard closely the amount of muscular tension required for the fulfillment of an action. If the additional tension is accompanied with a chronic irregular use of our body, this will most probably cause pains, injuries and lack of energy. The Alexander technique is a holistic form of mental discipline and redefinition of the human body.

Alexander Technique is a common practice among actors, dancers and musicians all around the world, as the use of their bodies is also part of their work. However, the technique can be beneficial to anyone anticipating chronic pains and tensions, as well as to those who are interested in developing their body awareness in their everyday life.